A website can put your business on the map and attract more customers. But all your efforts will be futile if you have a poor-performing website. This makes it important to find out how you can make your website widely regarded as interesting and easy to browse. Doing so will help you get a higher ranking on the search results.

You need to test your website with actual user experience before going live. Note their reactions to find out if you still need to improve it. Any complaints, such as the slow loading time will alert you of problems you haven’t noticed. Resolving them prevents interference with campaigns handled by your search engine optimization specialists. Check your site and determine if the following can push down your site’s performance and affect its rankings:

‘Flashy’ Designs

A site, no matter how visually appealing, can turn off visitors if they have to keep refreshing the pages. This happens when you use programs that use up too much bandwidth loading effects. It’s better to return to the basics and look for more creative ways to make the layout look good. Large picture backgrounds, for example, can promote visual appeal, but still allow the site to load fast. These allow search engine spiders to crawl your website easily, which can result to a higher ranking.

Aggressive Solicitation

Users won’t continue viewing your website if you try to get their email address on their first visit. Give them the option of closing the box to access your site. It would be better, if you use this feature while providing a promotional offer. Newsletters and freebies work to attract them to leave their email and become part of your mailing list. Let SEO specialists perform on-page optimization to find out if your site promotes easy browsing. 

Lack of Compliance with the Algorithmic Updates

Following the guidelines set by the search engine is important. Strive to implement the new regulations to fare better in the search results. Google, for instance, now calls for well-written content instead of keyword-stuffed articles. There’s also more emphasis on organic linking to authority sites. Make sure to follow these new rules with help from a professional SEO company. They can help you learn how to comply with the guidelines and overhaul your website accordingly.

Check out the latest trends you should implement on your website. Keeping up with the latest developments will help you expand your online presence and reach more visitors. 

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