Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are effective and affordable marketing solutions that can bring many interested clients to your website. When done correctly, you’ll easily achieve your digital marketing goals. You can take a beating, however, if you don’t plan your PPC campaign properly. Some entrepreneurs think you just need to pick a keyword and use it for your advertisement. Planning a PPC ad takes more than just pulling keywords out of thin air. Many online advertisements fail to convert because of this misconception. Here are other reasons why you should leave planning a PPC campaign to the experts.

You Advertise in the Wrong Places

 You run a local pool maintenance business in San Ramon, California.You set your advertisement for the entire Northern California, thinking covering a bigger area means getting more clients. What you got, however, are worthless clicks from prospective clients who are miles away for you to cater to. To make the most of your campaign, you can work with an online marketing agency. They can help you determine the appropriate geographical limits for your keyword.

You Don’t Know How to Set Negative Keywords

Most businesses forget about negative keywords when planning a PPC campaign. You don’t want your ads to appear when someone searches for these keywords. For example, you are selling cool notebooks. You set your PPC ad for the keyword notebooks but forgot to make a list of negative keywords. Your ad will appear in all searches with the keyword notebook, including laptop notebooks, wireless notebooks, pc notebooks, and notebook computers.

You Don’t Have an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is just as important as your keywords. Make sure that what prospective clients will see when they click the link is consistent with your ad. You can’t advertise for a t-shirt printing service and offer instead personalized mugs on the landing page. Don’t forget your call to action, otherwise clients may not know how to contact you.

Every click that your ad gets costs you money. Make sure you are getting quality clicks. Consult a digital marketing agency to learn how you can launch a successful PPC campaign without spending a fortune.

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