An ad on the radio says “dot com” companies are spending 70% of their marketing dollars on getting new customers. Surprisingly, they allocate only 5% on keeping them. Whether this is true or not, this can be fatal on the Web.

You may be spending valuable time and effort working with a local SEO agency to get customers to visit your website. If you’re not giving them what they need, however, they’ll leave and might not ever come back.

It’s easy for a person surfing the Web to click away from your website. That’s why with the aid of an online marketing agency, you want to make it “sticky.” This means finding your readers what they need to get them to stay.

But how can you keep your readers on your website? Here’s how:

Listen to the Readers

Your readers are your audience. They’re the ones who buy your products, generate your revenue, and click on your links. If you don’t listen to them, you’ll lose them eventually. 

Know what your readers are saying. You can’t give them what they need if you don’t know what they’re saying. Give them the means to reach you. You can’t respond to your audience if they can’t contact you. Provide them with your contact information by making it accessible on your website. 

Most readers won’t come right out and email you what they need. In such cases, use surveys, polls, focus groups, and other tools to know what they need instead. 

Once you know what your audience needs, give it to them. If you get emails requesting specific information, make sure it’s available on your website. Answer their questions promptly, while using your messages to promote your website. If the answer to their question is on your site, point them to the information. If not, take note of the question and create new content for your website. 

Build a Community

The Internet is very impersonal; anything you can do to make your website more personal can make readers want to stay. Building a community can be the answer, as it can give them something to belong to.

Using different features, there are many ways to build a community. Some of these features include:

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms allow your audience to talk with other people with similar interests in real-time. They also allow you to provide technical and sales support, giving your audience the personal and prompt service they want.


Forums are less prompt than chat rooms, but they also seem more serious. Through them, your audience can ask questions that many people can answer, providing a wider digital marketing perspective.


Guestbooks allow readers to post their comments about your website or other topics. They also allow you to get feedback about your products and services.

Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Mailing lists and newsletters are great for creating communities and generating website hits. They give readers information they don’t know about, and create more page views if you include links to your website.

Your website features can build up your platform by promoting your authority as a leading source in your field. But your website needs to maintain your readers interests. Listen to them and build a community for them to get them to stay.

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